Hair Tool Safety

Safety Precautions


Do not use the hair styling tool in the presence of water or while bathing, showering or washing. If the styling tool falls into water while it is plugged in do not retrieve it unless the main power source is shut off.

Never use styling tools with bare or wet feet as this could cause electrical shock or injury.


The styling tool is extremely hot and can burn your skin. Do not touch any heated element while the hair styling tool is plugged in. Be sure to give the styling tool sufficient cooling time.

If you do experience a burn stop styling and tend to it immediately.

Always use a thermal protection glove if it is offered.

Be sure to turn the styling tool “off” after every use. Never leave a styling tool unattended when it is plugged in or turned “on”.

Do not set a styling tool down near flammable surfaces or on top of delicate materials, plastics or any other materials sensitive to heat.

If you must set the styling tool down while it is plugged in, do so only on a heat resistant surface. 


Always inspect your styling tool before use and do not use if any section appears to be damaged.

For any warranty repairs, please contact the authorized Relaxus Beauty retailer or manufacturer.

Relaxus Beauty is not responsible for any damages caused by improper or unintended use.

Original purchase receipt and detailed pictures of your styling tool are required for any warranty claim.


When you finish using your styling tool, unplug it and give it time to cool before storing.

Do not wrap the cord around your hair styling tool as this may loosen the connection or cause fraying. Handle cord gently and avoid sharp bending and twisting.

Store in a safe, dry location for future use, out of children’s (and pets) reach.